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Are you looking to increase your ability to lead and grow a thriving customer success practice? Are you an experienced customer success professional looking to get promoted to a leadership role? Customer Success Mastermind For CS Leaders gives you the skills, tools, confidence and expertise to build and lead high-performing customer success teams!
Customer Success Leaders

How You Benefit

Grow Your Career as a Customer Success Leader!

  • Learn the proven concepts, strategies, tactics and best-practices for building exceptional customer success teams and growing your career

  • Master the strategic, financial, and operational issues and methods you need to face to thrive as a customer success leader

  • Obtain the tools and techniques to increase executive support and alignment across your internal organization

  • Develop your soft skills so you can lead internal teams and customers with confidence and ease

  • Gain advanced training in organizational change management (OCM) and user adoption to solve complex customer adoption problems

  • Earn an industry recognized certification that boosts your career growth

A Flexible Customer Success Blended-Learning and Certification Program

Ongoing professional development so you continue to grow and advance your career

  • Online Courses

    Online training content allows self-paced self-study 24 x 7. Includes both core courses and advance training just for customer success leaders.

  • Live, Instructor-Led Training & Coaching

    Live, instructor-led virtual training provides hands-on training delivered by proven customer success experts. Also, learn from the experience of other customer success leader program members.

  • Certification

    Earn an industry-recognized customer success certification that you can share with managers, customers and Linked-In connections.

  • Coaching

    Coaching and support calls to reinforce learning and help you apply what you have learned. Private coaching calls (optional) are available.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Learn best-practices from instructors and peers.

  • Ongoing Learning

    Stay current on emerging trends and best-practices via new learning content delivered every 4 - 6 weeks.

Program Structure

The Right Blend of Online (Self-Study) and Live (Virtual) Instructor-Led Training

Your Customer Success Mastermind program includes both online (self-study) and virtual, live instructor-led training sessions. This gives you maximum flexibility to learn at your own pace while also benefiting from the in-depth expertise of our instructors.

You begin by taking the "Customer Success Growth Foundations" online course. 

  • Instructor-led training sessions accompany the foundations course. 
  • Live sessions for our foundation course repeat on a regular basis, so no matter when you join you get access to an expert trainer.
  • Sessions are recorded and replays are made available.

Once you complete the foundations courses, you get access to the additional training courses included in your program.

  • New courses are released on an ongoing basis (approximately every 4 - 6 weeks).
  • Additional instructor-led training sessions (live and recorded) for various topics are also provided.
  • Dedicated courses just for Customer Success Leaders focus on the challenges and issues you face leading customer success teams.

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Continue with Recommended Learning Paths

You Have the Flexibility to Take Courses as You Need Them or Follow Our Recommended Learning Paths

Additional content for customer success leaders is listed below. (Note: some courses are currently planned or under development and not yet available.)

Learning Path 1: Growing a Financially Positive & Profitable Customer Success Service

 Exceptional customer success leaders build programs that are profitable growth drivers. These courses help you get support and prove the worth of customer success. 

  • Executive Business Case for Customer Success 
  • Justifying Your CS Budget and Resource Requests! 
  • How to Get Executive Support for Building Long-Term Customer Success Practice 
  • Aligning Your Internal Organization Around CS 
  • Proving the Value and ROI of Your CS services to Your Customers 
  • Marketing, Positioning and Selling your CS Services 
  • Jumpstart Your CS Efforts - Low Hanging Fruit & Short-Term Actions to Get CS Started!

Learning Path 2: Building & Developing Your Customer Success Team

Building a high-performing customer success team is very challenging. These courses will help you do this with speed and ease.

  • Setting up your CS department:  Charter, Responsibility, Maturity Model & Executive Buy-in   
  • Making your First CS hire.  (Hiring & Scaling Your CS Team)
  •  Onboarding & Expanding your CS team 
  • Developing CSM Career Paths 
  • Introducing Initial CSM Performance KPIs and Initial Customer KPIs 
  • Preventing CSM Burnout.  
  • Maintaining the Health of your CS Team

Learning Path 3: Maturing & Scaling Your Customer Success Practice

Launching an impactful customer success prorgram is just the first step. These courses help grow, mature and scale your program.

  • Minimum Viable CS Service and Pilot Testing Your CS Program 
  • Managing Capacity & Scalability 
  • CS Technology & Automation - When to Invest & What You Need 
  • An Agile Approach to Building Your First CS Processes & Playbooks 
  • Segmenting Customers 
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Engagement Modules 
  • Creating a Software Success Mindset Within Your Customers’ Organizations 
  • Helping Customers Setup Their Internal Software Success Program!

Bonus Material

Check Out the Extra Perks of Your Customer Success Mastermind Membership!

  • Templates & Checklists

    Many of our online courses include examples, templates and checklists that you can download and use with your clients and teammates.

  • Join Our Affiliate Program

    All Customer Success Mastermind participants are eligible to join our affiliate program. Simply share your referral link and earn a commission from anyone one who subscribes from your link.

  • Discounted Private Coaching Calls

    All customer success members can purchase private coaching sessions at a discounted rate. Private coaching is a great way to advance your skills and grow your career.


Instructor Bio:

Jason is a passionate thought leader in the field of customer success and software user adoption. Jason's 20+ years' experience leading technology implementation and adoption programs has given him the expertise to help organizations overcome the largest challenge they face - getting people to use technology to deliver results. Jason is the CEO of Tri Tuns, LLC, Co-Founder of Customer Success Mastermind, and Co-Host of the popular customer success podcast, "The Jasons Take On..." Jason has a master's degree in information systems from the London School of Economics, a master's degree in organization development & strategic human resource from Johns Hopkins University, and a bachelor's degree in business administration from George Washington University.

Jason Whitehead

Executive Instructor


Instructor Bio:

Sue Nabeth Moore is an active evangelist of customer success (CS) in Europe. As well as running her company, Success Track Enterprise providing CS strategic and operational consultancy and training services , she also regularly organizes and contributes to CS meetups and events around Europe. Sue is also a co-founder of Customer Success Mastermind. Inspired by Star Trek, her company slogan is “May you succeed long and prosper!”

Sue Nabeth Moore

Executive Instructor


Hear What Others Had to Say About Our Customer Success Training Programs

“Tri Tuns helped give me the tools and knowledge I needed to get more depth of information from my interactions with clients. I was able to restructure my meetings and calls to come across more professional but at the same time relaxed enough to have the best possible chance in starting open conversations. I definitely feel more confident in what I do and definitely see this coming through in my results.”

Client Success Manager, Financial Times

Kyle Jackson

“I can say that Tri Tun's approach to Customer Success is forward thinking and designed to move thinking from focusing on technology to now focusing on the customer's business needs. There methodology has helped me drive improved customer engagement and adoption. I highly recommend the course and taking the time to learn this approach.”

Director of Implementation Success, Learning Ally

Andrew Singleton

“I've been working as a CSM for just over a year and I have to say that I found this course really great for defining what we should know about and be doing rather than what people with very limited knowledge of CS assume we should be doing - and there's a huge difference. Whilst every organisation/business have/has their own requirements, the clarity provided on what Customer Success really means and the guidance on how to focus on the CS role in a structured, proactive way is great and the content has provided me with the confidence to develop, progress and establish my own CS career more speedily.”

Customer Success Professional

Lisa Callinan

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in the Mastermind programs?

    Each Mastermind program includes multiple online training courses, live instructor-led sessions, toolkits, discussions, and more. The specific courses to which you get access vary by program, so be sure to review each package to learn more.

  • Do I earn a customer success certification?

    Yes! Upon completing the Customer Success Foundations course and the related test (included at no additional charge) you earn your level 1 certification. Additional certification(s) are coming soon! Please note, currently there is not a single industry-wide customer success standard for certifications. CS Mastermind is working closely with the Customer Success Association to develop industry wide training standards and certification criteria. Once this is defined we will update our program and certification to ensure it is compliant with all industry standards.

  • How do I get started?

    Simply click on the Join Now button to purchase your subscription. You will immediately get access the Customer Success - Growth Foundations Course" Once you complete the foundation course, you will get access to all other courses included in your subscription.

  • How are the live instructor-led sessions structured?

    The instructor-led sessions are live meetings delivered via video conference. Each session is focused on a specific topic and include the presentation of new materials and provide you the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers. These sessions are recorded and made available for replay at your convenience.

  • When are the live instructor-led sessions held?

    Our instructor-led sessions are offered several times a month. Some session topics repeat (especially for the growth foundations training). Sessions are offered on different dates and times to accommodate participants located in different time zones.

  • How frequently do I get access to new courses?

    We are constantly developing new materials and have a well-defined content creation roadmap. New courses are released approximately every 4 - 6 weeks. The specific courses to which you will receive access depend on the program to which you subscribe.

  • What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    We are so confident that you will love the program and see great results, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. While we do ask for a 12-month commitment so you get the full benefits of the program, you can cancel at any time. So why not start and try Customer Success Mastermind right away?

Pricing options

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100% Risk Free!!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We are so confident that you will love the program and see great results, that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. While we do ask for a 12-month commitment so you get the full benefits of the program, you can cancel at any time. So why not start and try Customer Success Mastermind right away?
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We think you will agree, Customer Success Mastermind is a great ongoing professional program to help you launch and quickly advance your customer success career. Our industry-leading instructors help you grow the skills, confidence and expertise you need to lead clients and deliver outstanding customer success services. Our no-risk satisfaction guarantee means that if you are not satisfied with the program you get a full refund! So, why not join right now and take your career to the next level?