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    Getting Started

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  • 02

    Effective User Adoption Programs

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    • 1. A Key shifting in focus from technology to adoption

    • 2. Strengths and limitations of traditional change management

    • 3. Five proven approaches to accelerate adoption

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    User Adoption Program Phases

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    • 4. User Adoption Must Haves

    • 5. Effective IT teams aligned for success

    • 6. Planning for a successful launch with key “before Go Live” actions

    • 7. Accelerating time to first value with Key “at Go Live” actions

    • 8. Accelerating business outcomes with key “post Go Live” actions

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  • 04

    Stakeholder Engagement

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    • 9. Shifting the conversation with key stakeholders

    • 10. Engaging with key stakeholders

    • 11. BONUS! Building tools, collateral, processes & playbooks for faster adoption

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    Your Feedback

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    • Please provide your feedback on this course!

    • What's Next?


Instructor Bio:

Sue Nabeth Moore is an active evangelist of customer success (CS) in Europe. As well as running her company, Success Track Enterprise providing CS strategic and operational consultancy and training services , she also regularly organizes and contributes to CS meetups and events around Europe. Sue is also a co-founder of Customer Success Mastermind. Inspired by Star Trek, her company slogan is “May you succeed long and prosper!”

Sue Nabeth Moore

Executive Instructor


Instructor Bio: